Fun with Web Metrics

What's going on?

Hello world!

Why am I here?

I’ve been working with web metrics in some form or another for 16 years.   At first it was more or less like stamp collecting, trying to identify the location of my sites’ visitors on the map.

As time went on and things got serious, it became a part of my career.  Over that period I’ve had time to think about the topic, come up with some tools, and have formed opinions on items of interest.   Ideally, I’m hoping to meet other people with similar interests and have some interesting discussions.

Why are YOU here?

I hope it’s because you’ve got some DATA, and you’ve realized that you have to put it in SOME kind of context so that it MEANS something.   Maybe you’re looking at Google Analytics and have discovered that your site had 35,000 visits last month.   What does that mean – really?   Is that good?   How can that figure be used to inform you about future decisions?

What if you’re NOT a big company that hires people to think of these things for you?   What if your sites aren’t commercial in nature (for example, education-based) so many of the typical analysis models aren’t particularly relevant to the environment you’re in?   Hopefully, there’ll be something here to help you along.


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